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Quiet Time for Homeschool Moms: Ideas for Making Time for and Making the Most of Your Quiet Time

8/25/2019 9
When we're caught up in the hustle and bustle of our homeschooling days, there's an important component that can get left out- makin...

One Critical Skill Homeschooled High Schoolers Need to Prepare for College...And a Simple Way to Teach It

8/19/2019 0
Deciding to homeschool through high school can be a scary choice. The number of homeschoolers we hung out with when all my kids were little?...

Two Great Zondervan Resources for Kids and Tweens

8/12/2019 0
Looking for resources for your kids and tweens? Here are two Zondervan resources I recently reviewed that you don't want to miss. ...

No Worries, Mom! Easily Cover Homeschool Science Classes for High School...Even With No Science Background

8/07/2019 0
I grew up attending a small, private, Christian school. Despite our school being much smaller than public school, we really did have great t...

Five Simple Tips for Choosing Homeschool Curricula

8/06/2019 2
One of my happiest times of year is when the UPS truck begins to make stops at our house delivering our homeschool curricula. Don't laug...

Free Easy-to-Use 2019-20 Read Aloud Planner With Bonus Read Aloud Suggestions

8/01/2019 1
If you've been around the blog for any length of time, you'll know that reading aloud is one of my passions. Reading to my own kids ...

3 Super Simple Steps to Creating An Amazing World History Timeline with This Resource from Home School in the Woods

7/29/2019 0
I love timelines, ya'll. I really, really love timelines. My kids would probably say I'm a little fanatical about them.  ...

Why Your Homeschool Schedule Isn't Working and What You Can Do Instead

7/24/2019 4
Years ago, when I first began this homeschooling journey, I was determined to do this thing right. Having been a classroom teacher before ha...

Online Homeschool Math That Your Kids Will Actually Understand (And That You Can Afford!)

7/23/2019 0
If you've read many posts here at As We Walk Along the Road, you may know that high school math is my kryptonite. It's that one subj...

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