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Young Adult Fiction With an Important Message: A Review of Other Bodies

3/20/2019 0
Abortion is a hot topic right now. Actually abortion is always a hot topic. And there are so many facets to the discussion- the loss of the ...

Five Reasons Why Digital Homeschooling Resources Are Awesome

3/18/2019 0
Once upon a time there were no computers. Homeschoolers had to struggle to find teaching resources because most curricula was published with...

Five Visual Reading Response Methods...And an Awesome Tool to Help You Create Them

3/17/2019 0
Having kids respond to literature as they read is a great way to build comprehension and help them to really grasp what they're reading....

Medieval Times: Dinner Theater Fun for the Whole Family in Myrtle Beach, SC

3/16/2019 0
Medieval Times is one of those places I've always wanted to go. The Medieval time period is one of my favorite historical time periods, ...

Free Ireland Unit Study Resources

3/11/2019 0
Whether you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day or doing a geography study, these unit study resources will help kids learn all about I...

Tips for Standardized Testing for Your Homeschooled Child With ADHD... And an Online Homeschool Testing Resource That Will Help

3/03/2019 0
I have to admit that I'm not a fan of standardized tests. When I taught in a traditional school, I saw the negative impact that standard...

Free Five-Day Fairy Tale Unit Study

3/01/2019 0
Did you know that February 26 is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day? Whether it's on that day or any other time of year, fairy tales make fo...

Resources to Help a Non-Math Mama Handle Homeschooling High School Math

2/21/2019 0
Ya'll, I was always a straight A student throughout school- elementary, high school, and college. But I've always struggled with mat...

Four Reasons Why You Should Use a Multi-Age Homeschool Art Program...And a Great Program to Get You Started

2/18/2019 0
I have a confession. I'm really not an artsy person. I don't know much about art or classical music. I don't really have any bac...

The Big List of Dr. Suess Books Your Kids Shouldn't Miss

2/12/2019 0
On March 2, children's book lovers all over the country celebrate the birthday of a great children's book author- Dr. Suess- on Read...

Teaching Apologetics in Your Homeschool? Check Out This Review of a Great Creation Science Resource About the Genesis Flood

2/06/2019 1
Do you teach apologetics in your homeschool? When I was growing up in a Christian home and Christian school, I wasn't often given a &q...

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