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Want a Less-Expensive Way for Your High School Student to Earn College Credits?

12/14/2018 0
College is expensive! That probably doesn't come as a shock to any of you reading this, but let me assure you that it's true, I curr...

Encourage Young Women to Read God's Word With This Devotional Book- A Review of Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

12/04/2018 2
Spending time in God's Word is an important habit for any Christian to develop. In our super busy, increasingly digital lives that can b...

Literature-Based Homeschooling Holiday Lesson Plans: Christmas Read Alouds With Free Printable Schedule

12/03/2018 0
It's difficult to do now that I have only high schoolers, but when my kids were in elementary school, I liked to take the month of Decem...

Five Reasons Why Books Make the Best Gifts

12/03/2018 3
I sometimes am frustrated when I try to think of gifts for everyone in my extended family. I know from the years of my own children receivin...

Three Reasons Kids Need a Strong Foundation in High School Math...And How I'm Assuring That My Kids Have It

11/28/2018 0
I've confessed many times that math is my nemesis. It's the subject I disliked most when I was in school and the subject that I'...

How to Feel Comfy as a New Mom

11/27/2018 0
Image source Being a new mom can be exciting and frightening. During your pregnancy, your body changes, and it will never be the same a...

Creating a Memorable and Magical Christmas for your Children this Year

11/23/2018 1
Every year Christmas whizzes by in the blink of an eye and you barely get a chance to enjoy the little moments with your children. They will...

How To Prepare Your Children To Live Happy And Successful Lives

11/19/2018 0
Parenting is a rewarding job, but it’s also one of the most stressful. We get to watch our children grow up to become happy and successful i...

Faith, Art, and Journaling: A Review of Beautiful Art Journals from Ellie Claire

11/15/2018 0
Don't you love a beautiful journal? When you get a brand new, beautiful journal, it's inspiring. It makes you want to write your tho...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas For People That Love Making Things

11/13/2018 0
Finding the perfect Christmas gift is always hard and if you’re stuck for ideas, the best place to start is by thinking about what they like...

For the Mom Who Doesn't Love the Christmas Season

11/12/2018 9
I have a confession, ya'll. I don't love the Christmas season. I don't have one clear reason why. I remember the season always b...

Free Five-Day Literature-Based History of Thanksgiving Unit Study...Includes Printable Schedule and Notebooking Pages

11/10/2018 0
One of the things I've loved over the years as I've homeschooled is holiday unit studies. The holidays are a great time to take a br...

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