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Resources to Help a Non-Math Mama Handle Homeschooling High School Math

2/21/2019 0
Ya'll, I was always a straight A student throughout school- elementary, high school, and college. But I've always struggled with mat...

Four Reasons Why You Should Use a Multi-Age Homeschool Art Program...And a Great Program to Get You Started

2/18/2019 0
I have a confession. I'm really not an artsy person. I don't know much about art or classical music. I don't really have any bac...

The Big List of Dr. Suess Books Your Kids Shouldn't Miss

2/12/2019 0
On March 2, children's book lovers all over the country celebrate the birthday of a great children's book author- Dr. Suess- on Read...

Teaching Apologetics in Your Homeschool? Check Out This Review of a Great Creation Science Resource About the Genesis Flood

2/06/2019 1
Do you teach apologetics in your homeschool? When I was growing up in a Christian home and Christian school, I wasn't often given a &q...

The Ultimate Low-Stress Valentine's Day Resource Round Up for Homeschool Moms

2/05/2019 0
Are you a wait-til-the-last-minute, and low-stress, low-creativity mama? I will confess that I often am. I really, really want to do that ...

Learning About South Carolina: A Literature-Based Tour of the 50 States

1/28/2019 0
I've realized that, although I have a number of unit studies focused on various countries, I don't have many resources for learning...

Effective Homeschool Typing Instruction: A Review of Typesy Homeschool Edition

1/26/2019 0
I have a confession. I never really learned to type. Really. Despite this I have about a 55 wpm typing speed. But I've never learned the...

Keep Kids Safe- And On Task- Online With Mobicip

1/22/2019 0
With the availability of so many online resources for homeschooling, even young kids are now often using computers, tablets, and phones as a...

Kids Can Learn About Women in STEM Careers With This Multicultural Children's Book Day Featured Book

1/21/2019 1
I'm excited to participate in Multicultural Children's Book Day for the 2nd time this year. ( See last year's book feature here ...

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