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The Most Important Thing You Can Do With Your Kids Today to Make Connections and Build Lasting Relationships

7/08/2018 0
I have one adult "child" now and one almost adult. After August of this year, I won't have any preteen-aged children. How did ...

New Clean Romantic Fiction: A Contradiction to His Pride

7/05/2018 0
Romantic fiction is one of the genres I often read- especially when it is historical and when it's clean. Romantic fiction doesn't h...

25 Summer-Themed Unit Studies...Free and Frugal

7/03/2018 0
When my kids were younger and we homeschooled year round, my favorite summer learning resources were unit studies. I loved to take a break f...

Explore Geography With Five Country Unit Studies...And a FREE My Country Study Packet

6/27/2018 0
A few years ago, I did a whole school year of geography with my younger kids. They loved it, and I did too. Learning about different countri...

Five Tips for Teaching Kids Who Are Always On the Move

6/25/2018 2
Before I stayed home with my own children and homeschooled them, I taught elementary school and then high school special education students....

Incidental Homeschooling: Five Ways to Learn Through Everyday Life

6/22/2018 0
Early in my homeschooling journey I had a friend who was homeschooled during her school years tell me- "Life is school." I didn...

Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op: A Look at the Pros and Cons

6/15/2018 0
Hello, my name is Leah, and I'm an introvert. I am really an introvert. I could probably become a hermit if it weren't for the need ...

Choosing Electives for Homeschooling High School

6/12/2018 7
Most states require a certain number of electives for high school graduates. Although non homeschoolers might think that the choice of elect...

Ten Free Homeschool Programs You Can Try This Summer

6/11/2018 0
I've admitted before that I'm a curricula junkie, ya'll. I want to try ALL the great homeschool curricula I see. Unfortunately, ...

Five Ways Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long...And Summer Reading Lists for Every Age

6/08/2018 4
Enthusiasm for reading can wane during the summer months. Desire to play with friends from traditional school, more free time to play video ...

When the Kids Cry "Bored!": Fun, Free, At-Home Activities For Long Summer Days

6/07/2018 0
I've posted before about how our year round homeschooling works . But even though we do some school work throughout the summer, we stil...

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