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Use a Summer Book Basket to Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long

5/15/2018 0
Throughout the school year, you'll most likely find us reading. We read for most school subjects because we use a literature-based curri...

Year Round Homeschooling: Will It Work For You?

5/11/2018 6
For the first eleven years of homeschooling we homeschooled year round. I discovered early on that this was one of the great benefits of hom...

Hands-on History Projects: Learning About the World Wars

5/07/2018 0
My middle school girls and I have been studying World War 1 and 2 as we round off our school year and prepare to take a break. We've don...

Ultimate List of Literature-Based Homeschool Curricula

5/06/2018 0
Even though I'm all for just reading good books as the core components of your curriculum, I realize that, unless you're an unschool...

Four Ways to Use Great Literature In Your Homeschooling

5/05/2018 0
If you've been slowly adding great books to your home library but now aren't quite sure how to use those books in your homeschooling...

Books For Boys...Who Don't Like to Read

5/03/2018 5
Do you have any kids who just don't like to read? I do. And I don't understand how it happens, ya'll. I'm a reader. I've...

Love Inspired: Clean, Sweet, Easy-to-Read Romance

5/03/2018 0
I've always been an avid reader. I can't say that I have a preference for any genre. I read it all. At different times in my life, I...

HUGE Round Up of Resources for Cinco de Mayo for Kids

5/02/2018 0
Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays that, besides having some fun celebration ideas, is also a great learning time. The holiday- Cinco de...

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