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Looking for Great Summer Reading?: Review of a Sweet Picture Book and New Girls' Bible

5/18/2019 0
Whether you're homeschooling year round, taking a break, or are a family who just homeschools in the summer, summer time is a great time...

A Book Marketing Resource for Writers- Review of BookBrush

5/14/2019 0
Are you a writer? Have you published or self-published books or ebooks? I recently had the opportunity to review a site where authors can cr...

Biographies as Living Books for Homeschool History...And a Review of an Amazing Biography Collection

5/13/2019 0
When I'm asked what kinds of living books are best for teaching history, one of my first answers is always- biographies. A biography...

Homeschool Myth Busted: I Can't Homeschool High School Because I Could Never Teach High School Math!

5/12/2019 0
One of the common reasons that people give for not homeschooling in high school is, "I could never teach high school math." And, b...

I'm Just a Mom

5/01/2019 7
I'll never forget the conversation. I was talking with a friend about the activities my kids were doing at the time....

Three Reasons Why Online Classes Are a Homeschooling Mom's Best Friend... And an Online Classes Resource You'll Love

4/29/2019 0
Homeschooling isn't always easy, ya'll. If you've homeschooled for any length of time you know that. It has many benefits, and i...

The Ultimate Summer Reading List Post...Includes FREE Printable Lists and Reading Records

4/27/2019 0
Whether you homeschool or your children go to traditional schools, summer time can be a great time to focus on reading. Libraries and book s...

Looking for Language Arts Resources? Some of Our Favorite IEW Resources...and a Giveaway!

4/22/2019 0
Years ago, as a young homeschooling mama, I went to a homeschool convention workshop with a friend who was very interested in this writing p...

My Backyard Habitat: FREE Unit Study and Printable Pack

4/15/2019 1
As we head deeper into spring and look forward to summer here. it's fun to start thinking of unit studies that will involve getting outs...

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