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Should I Join a Homeschool Co-op: A Look at the Pros and Cons

6/15/2018 0
Hello, my name is Leah, and I'm an introvert. I am really an introvert. I could probably become a hermit if it weren't for the need ...

Choosing Electives for Homeschooling High School

6/12/2018 7
Most states require a certain number of electives for high school graduates. Although non homeschoolers might think that the choice of elect...

Ten Free Homeschool Programs You Can Try This Summer

6/11/2018 0
I've admitted before that I'm a curricula junkie, ya'll. I want to try ALL the great homeschool curricula I see. Unfortunately, ...

Five Ways Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long...And Summer Reading Lists for Every Age

6/08/2018 4
Enthusiasm for reading can wane during the summer months. Desire to play with friends from traditional school, more free time to play video ...

When the Kids Cry "Bored!": Fun, Free, At-Home Activities For Long Summer Days

6/07/2018 0
I've posted before about how our year round homeschooling works . But even though we do some school work throughout the summer, we stil...

"Mom, What Grade Am I In?" (And Why It Doesn't Matter)

6/06/2018 4
It's always interesting when I tell people I'm homeschooling. One of the first questions I often hear is "What grade are your k...

Help for the Overwhelmed Homeschooling, Homemaking Mom

6/04/2018 0
I'm sure I sound like a broken record when I post about homemaking, ya'll, but I really, really am out of my element when it comes t...

Three Awesome Reasons to Read Biographies With Your Kids...And Some Great Biography Series to Get You Started

6/01/2018 2
Although I've always loved books, I have to admit that I was never much of a biography reader when I was younger. I would read one if it...

Six Tips for Using Your Library Effectively

5/31/2018 0
You may think that because I'm a book lover and an avid reader that I love the library. And, I will admit that I love to be in a library...

Awesome Whole Family Benefits of Reading Aloud

5/26/2018 0
If you've been around the blog for any amount of time, read any of my posts, browsed through old posts, you'll know that I'm pas...

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